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Our 9 Project-values


1. Project-Based-Learning

Assisted learning by doing

As a member, participant of a workshop or as a project partner, you have the opportunity to implement your ideas and projects with us. Here, the professional experience of other members and experts will help you in the realization.

We offer planning, consulting, guidance, especially in the areas of gardening and landscaping, nursery and plant production, … generally in the craft and are happy to provide our skills and knowledge. Our experience in business management, management, administration, labor law can help in your own project.

2. Green exchange network

Think Global – Act Local

Strength lies in collaboration, even if there is a physical distance between the participants. Our goal is to unite local and regional projects, initiatives and especially people into a network / collective.

Through collaboration and exchange, the possibilities and potential of the network grow.  The core of this Green exchange network is the mutual exchange of knowledge, experience, practical know-how with the ingredients: Creativity, sustainability and social engagement between generations.

3. Explore yourself

Discover creativity and craftsmanship

The other way around? You have an idea, we help with the implementation with ALTerNATIVEn suggestions, solutions and challenge your improvisation talent.

The focus is on your idea and the creative result of your project. During the implementation, the handling of different materials and the craft activities, a single experience, can be the impetus for something unexpected. The search for a solution is a creative process of experience and not too seldom arouses curiosity for something new or different. The way is the goal and the result does not necessarily correspond to your first idea or imagination.

4. Reconnect to Nature

Sustainable workshops

The impact of humans on nature is greater than ever. Our actions and especially our consumption always have direct and indirect influences on our environment.

“think global – act local” – We support and implement projects in local and regional environments. For example, in community gardens the residents should not only cultivate their own vegetables together, but also learn how to produce useful helpers, e.g. a supporting structure, from the simplest natural materials such as 2 wooden sticks. Such experiences should give incentive, arouse interest and motivate to sustainable thinking.

5. Upcycling workshops

Full on trend – the art of reuse …..

Local projects are to be supplied and supported with regional resources. Once the idea and the concept have been worked out, the materials can usually be found in the immediate vicinity or among acquaintances. 

Thus, a project can also be planned and implemented within a circle of friends or acquaintances together with Horyoh asbl. For example, a garden shed or the roof truss of a friend can be turned into several raised beds, an old fence into a quick composter, sidewalk slabs into a wall, or pavers into a herb snail. The possibilities are almost limitless, so that creativity and improvisation talent are required. With support, the small but also larger “problems” are solved.

6. Social ecological projects

World in transition

The projects should gather people of different culture and tradition.

Not only material but also man- and womanpower should flow into the projects from the near vicinity.

As a member or participant you make a social contribution by involving outsiders in your project and letting them participate. It becomes a long-term give and take. Already with your membership you make an active, long-term, social, ecological contribution, in that we finance one tree in a scientifically accompanied reforestation project with each annual membership fee.

7. Nurture the Nature 

… with, instead of against nature …

Combine the necessary with the pleasant and beautiful. Ornamentally cut ornamental hedges usually have very little ecological benefit.

This also includes gravel gardens & co, open or mulched planting areas, little or no plant diversity, generally meticulously maintained green spaces or simply wrong cutting times and techniques. Not only that such gardens have a rather lifeless and character, so they usually cost a lot of time or money.

We help to create a garden arena of diversity from an art garden reserve.

8. WU WEI 

Just let everything grow

is the Daoist principle of Wu Wei: “action through inaction”.It does not mean to remain inactive, but to give potentials the opportunity to unfold, or in other words, to follow the natural course of things.

This includes both developing an awareness of emerging tendencies and facilitating, with as little intervention as possible, that these tendencies can unfold their effects.

The gardener’s or the farmer’s view of his plants fits in with this: he can only let them grow and favor their development and flourishing with certain measures, such as watering and weeding.

However, it does not help if he pulls on them to make them grow faster. Thus, Wu Wei also means an attitude of effortlessness: the essential things happen by themselves, and much is already done if we do not stand in their way.

9. Individual social responsibility

Do! Don’t talk …

We are neither a service nor a production company, but we want to use our experience of several decades as a company owner or partner to implement your projects in a targeted, coordinated and cooperative manner.

This includes not only professional knowledge, but also social, pedagogical and interpersonal experience. We consider ourselves as a link or pivot between private craft enterprises, school and social institutions as well as in the responsibility in the individual contact in and at the projects / workshops to promote the personal responsibility of the (young) participants. This includes, among other things, their own consumer behavior or a collective sense of responsibility and action.

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