What is it … ? First and foremost, young people and young adults!
Over an initial period of 2 years, participative workshops in the “Lëtzebuerger
“Lëtzebuerger SOS Kannerduerf” in Mersch to establish functional basic structures
for a socio-ecological long-term project…


The project Äerdschëff was initiated by CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg
within the framework of the rural development strategy LEADER Atert-Wark.
The project attracted the attention of the local GAL (groupe d’action locale LEADER) and received a…


Stickydo aims to raise citizens’ awareness of environmental protection and sustainability,
by motivating them to participate in various projects.


Learn compact plant knowledge in a playful way with the HorYoH® plant game.

Projects and


With a portion of “Wu Wei” in our projects and workshops, standard and copy-paste are less our thing of implementation method, we will offer with program and content our most important target audience, the young and young at heart, gardeners and non-gardeners, a real option of an attractive, active, interesting and engaging leisure activity.

The projects are developed, planned and organized by qualified project leaders and in collaboration with the project partner(s). The implementation projects are then carried out through active workshops and their participants and in the company and support of also professionals and masters of their craft.

Our workshops often require physical effort, from very light to heavy activity and are equally varied in demand and challenge.

Everyone should have a chance to put himself to use and to develop. So this can be already in the design phase, or afterwards when screwing, hammering and planting.

Likewise, these workshops mostly outdoors and with natural materials, can provide rest and relaxation.

If you want to shape your idea into a project, even and especially if it has little to do with standard or everyday life, need help or creative solutions, then you are probably exactly right with us.

Just send us your idea with a small sketch, description, photo, … to

Together we will design your project with an AHA effect and look forward to your request.

Thank you for your interest.

What do we do else?

Planning, consulting and design of natural outdoor facilities

constructions and buildings in the outdoor area

expert tree inspection

natural gardens and natural gardening

Garden-Coaching & Workshop's

We serve any kind of request. Just send us via a short description, a sketch, maybe even a plan, a photo, …

We are looking forward



Goal? Stickydo aims to raise citizens' awareness of environmental protection and sustainability by motivating them to participate in various projects. How? There are many projects with environmental, social or local impact in Luxembourg, but it is sometimes difficult...

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Äerdschëff was initiated by CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg within the framework of the strategy of rural development LEADER Atert-Wark. The project caught the attention of the local GAL (groupe d’action locale LEADER) and received initial...

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HorYoH® learn compact plant knowledge in a playful way.The goal is to collect plant cards and to combine them into valuable combinations by bartering. With the action and bonus cards, which the player earns by answering technical questions from the green area... he...

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What is it about ... ? First and foremost, young people and young adults! Over a period of initially 2 years, participatory workshops in the "Lëtzebuerger SOS Kannerduerf" in Mersch are to create functional basic structures for a socio-ecological long-term...

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Every membership and every membership year includes the planting of a tree in a scientifically managed and initiated reforestation project of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna.

The planting of your tree with 18€, which we pass on to at the end of the year, also includes the vital care of your tree for 2 years.

With your membership you support not only the scientific reforestation project but also the gardeners and all employees of this tropical station.

Two students go into the Jungle …

Here YOUR tree grows continuously 12 months a year, without a break, will offer life, protection and food for endless species of animals, insects, fungi, … and in turn other plants in symbiosis and enter.

From root – to crown top!

For this small but very valuable contribution, thanks you with a personal CO2 certificate.

Link to: | COBIGA | Tropenstation Lagamba


Wild & crazy stuff

Low Tech

Material Box



Wooden windows used

min. 40x40cm; solid wooden body, window WITHOUT cracks,

use for supporting structure upcycling greenhouse

Old “barn windows” with iron frame, in this case also without pane

(A removal of these windows on our part is possible, e.g. shortly before reconstruction, renovation or demolition)

If you have some of this material “lying around”, don’t need it and want to get rid of it, then you might be right here.

 We thank you for your understanding that we are a bit critical in accepting material and can only accept material described according to the list (description, condition, …).

(We are NO DISPOSAL SUBJECT!) In return, we try to organize a timely pickup with you (if necessary, prior inspection on site!) and exclude here with car as well as truck trips, long distances as well as empty runs or not useful mostly.

OUR GOAL: The material procurement in the direct environment, municipality and neighboring municipalities, region, … of the current projects.

Therefore, please be sure to simply send us one or more photos with address information for collection by mail to and we will check if we can take this “disposal load”.

We are looking forward to it.

Help Horyoh

Ihnen gefallen unsere Ideen und Projekte und wollen diese unterstützen?

Gerne können Sie auch unsere Projekte mite einer Spende unterstützen.

Für weitere Informationen stehen wir Ihnen selbstverständlich Rede und Antwort.

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Vielen Dank!

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