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The Horyoh asbl – Team


Each of us is a professional in his profession, … hobby = passion? … Aug in any case!

We don’t want to simply watch “the course of events” and will initiate local projects or simply support other projects with active workshops, seminars or exciting “actions”, in a very own way, active, dynamic and with the “crazy note'” necessary today.

Together with partners, school and non-school institutions, communities, … and other initiatives or organizations, we want to offer very different, interesting, pedagogically high-quality, practical, advanced and further training, but above all awareness-raising workshops. We want to actively support regional initiatives with our members and local participants.

It is well known that motivation is the undisputed winner when it comes to starting something new, trying things, changing things and inspiring people to do something new or to join in.

We try to give the participants and also partners of our projects and workshops a bit of motivation to take home with them through curiosity about craftsmanship, creativity and self-reliance.

Standard and copy-paste is not our thing. We are looking forward to your project ideas.

Jacques, Pascal, Paulo, Marc

Board of Directors:

Jacques BOCK

Pascal Maringer
Vice President


Marc Treichel
Executive Officer
Committee Secretary

Projects and Workshop’s

With ner portion of “Wu Wei” in our projects, workshops and actions, but especially with the way of realization, we will offer with program and content our most important target audience, the young and the young at heart, gardeners and non-gardeners, a real option of an attractive, active, interesting and engaged leisure activity.

The projects are developed, planned and organized by qualified project leaders and in collaboration with the project partner(s). The implementation projects are then carried out through active workshops and their participants and in the company and support of also professionals and masters of their craft.

Our workshops often require physical effort, from very light to heavy activity and are equally varied in demand and challenge. Everyone should have a chance to put himself to use and to develop. So this can be already in the design phase, or afterwards when screwing, hammering and planting.

Likewise, these workshops usually outdoors and with natural materials, can provide rest and relaxation.

Do you have a project or an idea, even if this may seem crazy and is not everyday, then you could probably be right with us.

Our goals

With Horyoh asbl we want to create a network between individual local, regional and socio-ecological projects and initiatives, in order to offer our members but also local residents and interested parties the opportunity to get involved locally by participating in the workshops. The promotion of the local projects will be done, among others, through the local project partners, the social and public media and, above all, the participants themselves.

The participants can take part in the projects, working groups and workshops according to their own interests and needs in order to discover their personal possibilities and abilities.

Thank you for your attention, your help and especially your interest in our projects and ideas.

The plant learning game HorYoH®

The plant learning game HorYoH® is certainly one of our most important projects and represents our starting project.

We consider HorYoH® as our “main driving force” and valuable access in classrooms to our probably most important target group, the young people, the young at heart and especially the future gardeners and gardener apprentices.

We want to implement this opportunity in a sustainable way, as diverse as possible, and in a socially and ecologically meaningful way. The start of this project is planned for the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022.

More on this shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Help Horyoh

You like our ideas and projects and want to support them?

Since Horyoh a.s.b.l. and its projects are also financed by donations, you also have the possibility to become a valuable part of our initiative with a donation to the following bank account. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IBAN LU09 0030 5629 5602 0000 | BIC BGLLLULL

As a young association we are happy about any financial support. This can be done easily here with Digicash.

Thank you very much!

(*You can change the amount in the application and at your own choice).